1. Make sure that your hair is clean. It is suggested to wash the hair once or twice every week with warm or cold water. After you have a swimming or spa, or doing exercise, do wash the hair at once. The hair will get tangled when it is dirty and not being washed. Do not use too much conditioners as the leave-in conditioners will create a build up on the hair, and this will cause the hair to get tangled faster. In addition to shampoo and conditioner, if other hair products are used, do make sure that they do not hurt the hair.


 2. Before you go to sleep or swim, or doing exercise, do comb through the hair and then make a couple of big braids. Make sure that the hair is dry before you go to bed. Sleeping on wet hair will hurt the hair and it is not good for your health.


 3. Home made a leave-in conditioner and use it on your own. By diluting conditioner with water with the rate of 1:9, you can make a leave-in conditioner. Then apply the mixture lightly onto your hair and finger comb the hair from the bottom up.


 4. Do brush your hair everyday, start from the ends and go up. The extensions are just like your natural hair, so do not treat them different from your own hair. You can comb through your hair with a small tooth rat tail comb.