Many people do not know how to use the Moni Poni ponytail holder to create a simple ponytail. Actually it is very easy, the following steps will tell you how to do it.

Step1 Make your hair into a ponytail, and use one of your hands to hold the ponytail.

Step2 Use the other hand to hold the Moni Poni handle.

Step3 It is time to raise your hand with the Moni Poni to meet your other hand and lead the Moni Poni to your ponytail. Make the open eady of the spiral in right position in order to make the ponytail lay between your other wrist and your head.

Step4 Catch some of the hair by using the ball of the spiral, just like a hook and give a small tug to ensure that the Moni Poni has hooked into your hair.

Step5 Gently pull to lead the handle around the outside of the gathered hair, as if to wrap the Moni Poni around the hair. One thing you can not see but you can feel is that the spiral is digging itself into the layers of hair and exerting the pressure necessary to created a firm but gentle hold.

Step6 Lead the handle continuously by using the same hand as far as you can. Let go and then go back and grasp the handle once again when you bump into the other hand, and then continue the twisting action to finish creating pressure.

Step7 In order to make a best hold, you can hold the Moni Poni by the handle once it is in, and your hand can hold the bulk of the ponytail tightly in the opposite direction.

Step8 Updo simly, to push the handle in the opposite direction.