The inside-out ponytail seems to be difficult to make, but acually it is only a simple and stylish twist to the "ponytail". If you want a special hairstyle, you can consider an inside-out ponytail, if you are out for dinner or a casual occasion, then this hairstyle will make you look great casually.

Step1 Comb your hair through to get rid of any knots or tangles.

Step2 Creat a low ponytail and tie it with an elastic.Before you tie the hair with an elastic, you can rub a little conditioner on the hair, because some elastics are covered with string so it might damage your hair, but with the conditioner, your hair will be protected well.You can start with a low ponytail if it is the first time you do it, and then after you are familar with doing it, you can try a higher ponytail.

Step3 Make a little hold with your fingers, and then create a hole by pullilng the hair apart a little bit.

Step4 Loop the ponytail through the hole and pull it down. You can divide the hair into two sections to tighten the ponytail, and take a section in each hand and pull the hair. If you want to use a curling iron or a flattering iron, you can cut the ends of the ponytail.

Step5 Now you have a perfect inside out ponytail, just enjoy it.