If you have a cute and preppy messy ponytail, you will be a focus in the crowd, because they are always popular and perennial. The following steps will tell you how to get one.Steps

Step1 Go to bed with you hair in a messy bun.
Step2 When you are awake, you can pull all you hair into a high pony tail.

Step3 Take small chunks of hair randomly and use your finger to twirl them.

Step4 With a piece of hair is twirled around your finger, pull it and the rest of your hair to tighten the pony tail.


Step5 Do steps 3 and 4 to the remainder of you hair.
Step6 Scrunch it softly.

Step7 Use hairspray as the last step, and now you have a preppy messy and curly ponytail!

Step8 If you cant do messy buns, there is another good method to get that messy curly look is to do 4 plaits, use some mousse and sleep in them. On the next day, you can take out the plaits. At first, your hair may seem a bit crazy, but the curls will start to calm down. Scrunch the hairwith a little water. Then put your hair in a high pony tail and your good to go! And you will have a really amazing look that will definitely grab some attention!