If you are not familiar with wigs, then you might feel that it is difficult of applying a wig. But if you follow these tips, you can put a wig on very easily and no one will know that you are wearing a wig.


Step1 First you need to pin up your hair. Separate your hair into two pieces if it is long, and then twist it. Make these two pieces crossed behind your head, and clip them across the top. This is a fast and easy way to even your hair out on your hair without making a huge ponytail bulge. If you have short hair, it will be easy to comb and clip the hair to the crown of the head, or placed into a bun at the base of your neck. Before you put on a wig, you can also braid your hair.


Step2 Pin up any bangs. If you can not get a wig cap due to a fringe or side fringe, then you can wear a small hairband, it will be very helpful to keep the hair from showing under your wig. You can choose elastic ones since they are the best choice. They are very comfortable and smaller compared to other bands.


Step3 Put on a wig cap. Put on a wig cap no matter how long your hair is, it can help to hold the hair all in and make sure that you will have a smooth fit. You can even use a wig cap if you are bald, it will make sure that the wig will be stable.


Step4 Apply the wig to your head start from the front, and then to the back. You can see that there are two tabs on each side of the wig. Do make sure to position these right in front of your ears. If it does not look good for the first time, please do not worry, you can try again and again until you feel that you are good on it.


Step5 Adding more accessories. If you want to have extra coverage, or to add something onto the look you want, then you can try to add some accessories. If you are dressing up as Cleopatra or Delilah, you can choose a jeweled headband, if you are dressing up as a schoolgirl, then you can choose to have a bow tied on the back of your head.