Maybe sometimes you want to add a little color to your hair, but you do not want the people who are familiar with you know about that, then you can do it in a secret way, and others will not detect that you have colored your hair.


Step1 Find out a small section of your hair like just 0.5inch on your head that you will not miss too much, for example, the middle of the back for your head.

Step2 Chop off section of hair about 1 inch from the ends, and make sure that you do not cut stray pieces.

Step3 If you have dark hair, you can bleach the section of the hair you chop off, and skip this part if your hair is light:

*Lay piece of hair onto foil.

*Take a cotton ball and brush hydrogen peroxide onto hair, flip over, and brush onto other side.

*Wrap hair in foil overnight.

Step4 Get your hair dyed. You can search online to find out a method that works best for you, but food coloring is suggested.

*Lay hair onto a new price of foil.

*Based on the extent of darkness you want, you can mix 10-20 drops of food coloring, if it looks too thick, you can only use a tablespoon of shampoo and a little water. Shake this up in a small shampoo bottle.

*Brush onto the strand by using a new cotton ball.

*Let it air dry for about 12 hours after wrapping in foil.

Step5 Take a barrette or clip, and either glue or sew hair onto it.

Step6 You can put it in at school and then take it off before you leave school.