Nowadays many women always relate fusion with damage. Actually it is not always the case when they are well maintained and you use the right method. There are a lot of healthy methods out there in the market that can help you grow your own hair when wearing them.




1. Choose a fusion method that does not damage hair. You can choose Protein Silk Fusion, extend tubes or Micro Links, which are non-heat and no glue methods.


2.Select a hair extension texture which can match your own hair perfectly. It is very important, by choosing the right texture, you do not need to use excess heat or blow dryers to blend your texture into the extensions. If you have curly long hair and you want to have straight hair, then putting in straight hair extensions is to blow drying and flat ironing your hair everyday. And it will not help you grow your hair, and it can even cause damage to your hair. Just choose the proper fusion hair extensions for your hair then you can enjoy the natural texture. By this way, you will not have to spend time on blending issues, heat. And it is very easy to manage the fusion extensions.


3. Make your hair well conditioned. Not all the fusion attachments allow you to condition your hair, therefore, it is important to pick a method that allows conditioning treatments, such as Protein Silk Fusion, which allows heavy conditioners without the extensions slipping. It is an ideal selection for those who need a lot of conditioning treatments to their hair. For the people who have fine hair, Micro-links can only handle a little conditioner, so it is also a good option for you.


4.Do not heat your hair often. This applies back to selecting a texture that matches your own hair. Heat can cause damage to all hair, whether you put on hair extensions or not. If you want to make your hair grow healthily, then do not use heat. If you must do, you can use some indirect ways such as roller setting or wrap setting under a dryer.


5. Light oils is okay. To prevent split ends and condition hair from the inside out, you can use coconut oil. Indian women have known about this for long, and it is the reason that why many women in the world buy their hair for extensions. Use this oil to the ends of hair or use for deep conditioning treatments.


6. Remove the harsh shampoo. Get a gentle sulphate free shampoo for yourself. This type of shampoo will not make your hair stripped. Harsh shampoo can make the split ends splits.


7. Take care of your extensions to grow your own hair. The wonderful part with fusion is that you will know when your own hair is growing, and you will also know that how much it has grown. Fusion extensions will grow out with your own hair. They will move further and further from your scalp as they grow. When you find out you have had a lot of growth, you can go in for your required maintenance to prevent any tangles or matting at the roots. Proper maintenance can make the fusion extensions fresh and make them have a long lifespan.