Is it good to relax your hair often? The answer is NO. Relaxing hair can lead to dry hair, damaged hair, split ends or breakage. If you want to keep your hair natural, do not relax it. Usually it will take about one month for African hair to grow 0.5 inch, and it can grow for 3-5 years. Your natural hair will grow 4-6 inches every year after 3-5 years.




  1. Every week, apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair.
  2. Moisture your hair every morning and night, so that you can manage your hair easily.
  3. Make sure to be away from heat, because it can lead to more damage.
  4. Apply low maintenance styles.
  5. When you go to sleep, you can use scarf, night-cap, bonnets, silk pillow case or knotted wrap.
  6. Be away from over-processing your hair, because it will lead to damage of your hair.
  7. If multivitamin works on your hair growth, you can take some each day, but you need to ask for the permission from the doctor before taking it.
  8. Apply any hair oil, for example, olive oil, caster and amla.
  9. Do not give so much stress to yourself if possible.
  10. Do some exercise each day if possible.
  11. Drink enough water and eat healthy food, since water and healthy food are so important for your hair and skin.
  12. Massage your scalp can help to increase blood-flow and stimulate growth, so you can do it every time when washing the hair.
  13. Do not trim often since it can lead to damage while growing.
  14. You can finger comb your hair instead of combing your hair each day.
  15. When your hair is wet, do not brush or comb it.
  16. Do not apply any harsh chemicals and dyes on your hair.
  17. Do not apply hair extensions, wigs or weaves.
  18. Deep-condition hair and wrap around it for about 20 minutes, and then wash your hair.
  19. You can do the Big Chop if you want to be natural, you can grow hair back naturally after you cut off all your relaxed hair.
  20. You can apply medication or home remedies for your scalp or hair to prevent itchiness.