Measuring is important if you want to attach human hair extensions to your hair, the final length of hair extensions is usually decided by measuring. You can determine the length of the human hair extensions you want. You can make a decision to see if you want shoulder length extensions, if you want your hair to be falling to the middle of your back, hip length or past your bottom. To achieve the hairstyle your want, it is important for you to measure in the right way.




1.Use a soft measuring tape to measure the natural European human hair extensions from the start.


2.Get a large hand held mirror and a full length mirror.


3.Get someone else to help you. But if you want, you can measure the extension on your own.


4.Do get a pen and paper handy to record accurate measurement of the extension.


5.When standing with your back against the full length mirror, look into the back of your head with the hand held mirror.


6. Get someone help measure from the nape of your neck by holding the measuring tape at number 1.


7. Gently let the tape fall against your back, and then look at the numbers on measuring tape to see the length you want.


8. When doing this, make sure that you are looking at the mirror. Check twice by checking the numbers again on the tape to confirm the length.


9. The last step is to measure the top of your head. It will let you know the length of the extension that will fall actually. The top of the head will add 3 to 4 extra inches to the nape measurement. So from the nape to final measurement, you will have about 22 inches, and 24 to 26 inches from the top of head. It will cause a layering effect if you select all 22 inches.