There are many synthetic extensions online and you can purchase one very easily. However, finding a synthetic extension in high quality is not easy. Here are some instructions on how to make your fake hair look real and natural.


Step1 Do make sure that the synthetic extensions are not completely shiny. It does not matter if they shine a little bit, since people’s hair is always a little shiny, but they will look quite fake if they are shiny too much.


Step2 Make sure the clips are hidden when you are wearing extensions. If you were seen wearing the clips, then others will know that you are wearing fake hair. You only need to hide them under your real hair. The color of clips needs to blend with your hair color. You can ask someone else to help you with this step.


Step3 Match your extensions to the natural hair color. If you have light hair, then get light extensions.


Step4 Do make sure to try different looks. There are many hair extensions out there with various colors, you can try highlights, ombre, etc.