How to get a carefree but pretty look easily? Making your hair look like that you just left the beach is one of the methods, even if you do not live anywhere near a shore. You will not need to use heat styling to creat this pretty look for most hair types. Here are the easy steps for you to make it.


Step1 Wash and condition your hair just like what you usually do when you are having a shower. Use a towel to dry your hair. Make sure not to brush your hair. To make your hair fall into its natural part by using your fingers, and get the major tangles out, but make sure to leave the most part alone.

Step2 Put your hair in a messy bun when your hair is still wet. It is important that not to let your hair get really smooth, The messy bun should have a lot of bumps.

Step3 When the hair is completely dry, leave it in the messy bun.

Step4 Take the bun out and scrunch in the hair product you chose. Only do it with your hands.Remember that you only need to hold the hair in medium sized tousles that stay wavy, so you can consider a product that you know holds your hair in place, but it can also make the hair fexible.

Step5 Make your hair into a high ponytail without using a brush. Rember that you only need to use your fingers. If your fingers do not fit into the ponytail, just consider clipping any bangs back.

Step6 Now you have had a beachy ponytail, you can just relax and enjoy your new hair style in the mirror, do not forget to smile, and it will add your beauty.